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For 33 years, Roger Triemstra told Chicagoans whether they needed umbrellas, sunscreen or snow shovels. Now, he tells the story of how he became one of the area's most popular radio and television meteorologist.

Born and raised in the Dutch enclave of South Holland, Illinois, Roger was aware at an early age how Lake Michigan influenced Chicagoland's weather. During WGN Radio's decades-long reign as the top-rated station in Chicago, Roger informed and entertained audiences, teaming with Bob Collins, Spike O'Dell, and other personalities. This memoir contains stories and dozens of photos from those days, and beyond an ordinary autobiography, it will serve as a lasting memory for generations of his descendants.


“WGN and Chicago were blessed to have

Rog Triemstra paving the way for today’s broadcast meteorologists, myself included. A pioneer, a mentor and great friend, too.”
-Tom Skilling, WGN-TV Meteorologist


“I love the old goat. Roger was simply a hoot to work with. I was so lucky to be able to work at such an incredible radio station with an overflow of talent. Rog was a big part of the success of my show.”

-Spike O'Dell, WGN Radio legend

See more at Rog's Facebook page: Cooler by the Lake.

204 colorful pages.
ISBN 978-1-7352638-6-1

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